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Hüseyin Calikbasi PMP
UX | UI Designer

About the projects & me

I have a huge passion for design, art and technology. It is important for me to develop my own perception of the digital environment as well as my creativity.

To achieve best possible result in communication design, art & technology, I do research & enquiry as well as explore the latest technology. Furthermore, I embrace innovation and set quality as priotrity.


I am using these following software programs to realise my projects. Reflect.Think. Repeat.

Creative Suite:

Sketch ∙ Adobe XD ∙ Adobe Photoshop ∙ Adobe InDesign ∙ Adobe Illustrater ∙ Adobe After Effects ∙ Adobe Premiere Pro ∙ Maxon Cinema 4D

Frameworks, CMS, Tools & SDK:

Html5 ∙ CSS3 ∙ Javascript/ JQuery ∙ Corona SDK/ Lua ∙ Bootstrap ∙ Wordpress ∙ Processing

About me

I’m a multi-disciplinary designer with many many years of experience building digital products. My experience spans across advertising, marketing, software development and creating applications. I believe great design is a result of understanding not only your customers, but also your crossfunctional team.

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